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Jun 02, 2004



I think the Cardinal was a tad too pessimistic and cynical, and that's coming from someone who currently feels utterly alone, confused, etc. How much more pessimistic can you get? lol.



I agree that the assessment is rather bleak. I attributed it to the nature of the letter, which was to point out to the Holy Father the greatest challenges facing our American Society in order to receive his counsel on how to to approach it. The Pope, of course, has never failed to be full of hope in his assessment of the current cultural proble, but even he cautioned that we are on the verge of becoming a "soulless" society.


I found the Cardinal to be terribly insightful, and honest. I felt he honestly addressed the state of the church and accepted blame on the part of its leaders.

I may be biased because I love Chicago, but I really felt encouraged, like he had a handle on the situation.


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