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Jun 15, 2004



This was also the topic of a post at Dom Bettinelli's Blog. This is the comment I made there:

I live in Denver, and I have been reading Tina Griego’s column for years. I to would agree that she is still a Catholic. A couple of years ago she did a series of columns on a pilgrimage to Chimayo, which was lead by Bishop Gomez. She is still a Catholic, and she has a great reverence for the traditions of the Church. But, it is clear from her writing that the Church for her lives chiefly in her experinces from girlhood, and that her pieties emanate more from a sense of filial duty, than from a Chirstian duty.

I pray for her nearly every time I read her work. Sometimes she is so close to the Church in her sentiments that is is difficult to believe she is pro-choice for abortion and pro-contraception. I think Bishop Gomez was correct in his approach. This woman does not know her faith. She thinks of it as the loving expression of her ancestors who didn’t know any better. She is one of those who equates reason with liberalism, and thinks that educated people simply cannot believe in something so backwards as a priesthood restricted to men.

If she accepts the challenge of Bishop Gomez, she will easily be able to acknowledge the claim Christ has on her...she is that close. She must only overcome her prejudice that the Church is anti-intellectual.

I love Bishop Gomez.

Woody Jones

Bishop Gomez is the best.

When do we get him back here in Texas? To the San Antonio Archdiocese for example?



25 years ago I was like Tina. I knew what the church taught, and I had converted to Catholicism because it was the only thing that made sense. But I still held my private judgement to be superior to the Church's teaching on several matters. I contracepted, I supported access to abortion (though never with as much license as Roe V Wade), I considered myself liberated. It took a lot of pain and the consequences of sin to get me to where I am now.
St Augustine is the patron of those repenting from sexual sin, I think. I would also ask his intercession for Tina. SHe may not have personally committed the sins she supports, but I think that he would still be a great intercessor here.

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