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Jun 28, 2004



I think it has something to do with the amount of sugar in them ... I don't know how much sugar a Jolly Rancher has but I'd bet not that much. You might need a sugar syrup. Good luck!


It is the sugar that makes them softer than regular ice.

If you don't want to add more sugar than is in the JR's already, you may want to try disolving the JR's in a juice that doesn't have a particularly strong flavor like white grape or apple. But, FYI, even regular juice usually needs SOME sugar added before it gets to popsicle texture.

Just a question, Are you crushing of pulverizing the JR's to get them to disolve more easily?


you know there ARE real jolly rancher popsicles... i'm eating one right now, i bought it from the ice cream truck. it goes watermelon, grape, orange or lemon i cant tell, cherry, and then sour apple. its a huge popsicle and it tastes just like jolly ranchers too.


Cool . . . I'll have to try one . . . but it doesn't seem as fun . . .

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