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Jun 10, 2004



I think of destiny as the mysterious end my "I" tends toward, ultimately a Person.

Fred Kaffenberger

Destiny is who I am in God's eye, who I am as God made me.

As I write this, I am siezed by an anxiety. How am I now responding to this call of God? What do I need to do right now to respond to what I have been given? I feel as if I have squandered a great fortune, lost something that was irreplacable.

At this point, I could give in to guilt, but instead I remember . . . "If today you hear God's voice, harden not your hearts."

I fool myself constantly that everything depends upon some decision or another that I will make, but in reality, only one decision matters: do I follow today? And following means attending to all the daily chores, taking the obvious steps today, doing everything that I can in my work or home life as an response to the faithfulness that has been shown to me.

These words of the Holy Father have been haunting me since I read them: "Don't be content to discuss; don't wait for occasions to do good that perhaps will never come. The hour of action has arrived!"

Destiny is who God created us to be. The time to be what we are is now.

May God have mercy upon us!


Destiny comes for the Latin destinare, which means to set up, decree, determine it is from the base -stinare, which means to cause to stand.

We should be ever mindful when we think of our destiny to think of Adam, the man, whom Our Lord God fromed from clay, determined, and caused to stand. We share that destiny. Destiny is to be formed by God, and it is to empty ourselves to the point where it is only Him who causes us to stand.

Destiny is to be emptied to the point where the world can see the destiny of Adam, the man, shining through you. It is to allow yourself to be fromed by God so perfectly that it can be said of you "Ecce Homo."

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