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Jun 09, 2004


Cosmo Dank

When you say "Clinton survived impeachment...Nixon did not" you of course mean that Nixon would likely have been impeached had he not resigned in shame.

It is ironic that Reagan (with the help of the new "Moral Majority") was able to gain the moral high ground for a party whose most highly placed members had been implicated in multiple felonies. Brilliant, really.

Unfortunately, Reagan introduced every-man-for-himself economics, relieving us of the need to care for our brother. Witness the rise of homelessness that started in the mid eighties on Reagan's watch. Despite his many achievments, I have always felt Reagan was alarmingly detached from economic reality and its impact on the poor.


I was too young to know much about President Reagan, other than the fact that my mother and grandmother didn't think very much of him. But in the past few days, the press has been revealing a man who isn't the horrible guy I've heard so much about. Shocking, really.

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