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Jun 08, 2004



Hi. It's great to know about you. I follow Bruno's blog and from him I heard about you. Thank you for your web-presence!


WE hope Brian O Connor has come out of his dangerous life in Saudi ARabia and all there what happend was a test from God for him and for the lords Glory alone.

Now we have to pray for our Brother Brian so that he comes out of Greed of money that is again a test for him to be free from Satans game.

We Pray to our lord that he Comes out of the Greed of taking any money from people in the name of the ministry called body of Christ and saying its for ministry and use it for wrong purposes. We hope and pray again his tempetations towards the Worldy life be seperated from his ministry. we dont want any damage to the kingdom of God. Please Brian please give back the money and Gold you took from the innocent people. God will deal with that if those people have given in the wrong manner.thanks

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