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Jul 30, 2004


Joseph Pedulla

I say the following in all Christian charity: please stop perpetuating the media-created mantra about Bush--that he's stupid. The media has been very clever in this, but very evil. When socialists and communists want to discredit a person, they do so first by attacking his intelligence, trying to divert our attention from the fact that a man is more than his intellect. There are many intelligent people in hell, I imagine. Hitler, according to all our information, was brilliant; so was Stalin. In fact, I would defy anyone to name a twentieth century despot who was not extraordinarily intelligent. The problem, of course, is that, while being intellectually advanced, they were also advanced in evil. The media move to focus on Bush's brain is a shrewd attempt to divert our attention from Clinton's soul. Let's remember that our first concern must be with the character of a man's soul, not the quality of his SAT scores or his MENSA membership. Can anyone tell me what St. Francis got on his college boards?


lol ... sorry, I just read your comments. I just thought this was funny ... if you read my other posts on politics you will see I am a fan of W. Heck, and if we can't laugh at ourselves . . . we can always laugh at the Democrats.

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