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Aug 01, 2004



Yes, I read that article, along with all the other garbage the L.A. Slimes regularly prints. However, don't be too optimistic. One of the "wins" of the priests was of a married woman who stopped having sex with her fiance for some time before marriage. Now, she attends confession weekly. Unfortunately, her confessions are invalid, as she regularly uses contraceptives.


What's a "conservative" Catholic, I would like to know? Is not a Catholic either obedient or disobedient? Why are we applying conservative terms to our religion?


I have not visited this site before, and prudence would suggest I might look it over a bit before posting, but was a bit inspired to respond to the cynical post by Jay. What kind of compassion judges someone elses journey so harshly? The couple you referred to are making huge strides, returning to the mass and the confessional and recommitting to abstinence til marriage. Few of us are able to bring each and every corner of our lives into holiness all at once, but must chip away at it, sin by sin, and sometimes the same sin over and over again. I instead am inspired by this couples growth, and response to the invitations of their priest to a holy life, and confident that will include a chaste marraige as they continue to grow----in God's good time! Take good news where you find it!!!!

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