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Oct 22, 2004




Mark Melancon

It is time for her to DIE!!! Anyone who attempts to come between the "sanctity of Marriage" of a husband and wife should be shot!!!!

I suggest that the feeding tube be applied tightly around Ms. Schindler's neck until she is brain dead.


Congratulations, you have just put yourself in first place for the most absurd comment on my blog. Not only does it not make any sense, it manages to be completely offenseive at the same time.

M Melancon, RN

intruding on the right of privacy between a husband and wife is COMPLETELY OFFENSIVE


Umm, yes, that's what the husband said to his neighbors as he beat his wife. Intruding on our right of privacy is completely offensive.


"the sanctity of marriage"???! Michael Schiavo doesn't even know the meaning!! He decided to violate that sanctity when he chose to live with another woman and father her children. Now, not only is this man committing adultery, but murder as well.


To be able to legally kill your wife is distrubingly insane. Like many people Mr. Schiavo does not know love. There needs to be a law against what he is doing. But for now, all anyone can do is fall to the floor and pray.


Terri Schiavo is in peace now. It was wrong to keep her alive as long as they did with tube feeds. Intensive therapy would have done nothing. She wouldn't have progressed. Now the family is continuing to argue with Teri's husband even after her death. They need to let it go and find some closure! Rest in peace with God Teri.

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