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Oct 28, 2004



A very nice diagnosis of what is wrong with the system, But I still think we have a duty to vote.

I have a great respect for Dr. MacIntyre, But I will listen first to my Archbishop a vote pro-life.

Michael Brazier

"Try to advance the case for economic justice as we have described it within the Republican Party and you will be laughed out of court." Indeed you will, because the Republicans have learned enough about economics to know that minimum wage laws invariably destroy the jobs that aren't worth the legal minimum, which leaves the people who might have done them worse off than before. Dr. MacIntyre's principles are sound, but he hasn't learned enough economics to apply them properly.

The real problem with the current system is that many people are allowed to reach adulthood without the skills or education that would permit them to do jobs which are worth a living wage. The necessary reforms are, then, in our system of primary and secondary education. It's worth noting that the great obstacle to those reforms is the teachers' unions -- a Democratic bloc.

So, on Dr. MacIntyre's principles, the choice between the parties is not as bad as he supposes. To vote for Democrats is to endorse the evils of the present system; to vote for Republicans is to support half-hearted reform of those evils. A disheartening choice, but not a false one.

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