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Oct 15, 2004



John Kerry is not threatened politcally by his Catholosism. No one really cares any more, least of all Catholics.

Todays so called Catholics live to tell others how to live their lives. Stop killing innocent babies they rant. OK, good idea. But ask them to stop killing themselves and all you get is bunch of excuses as to why the people they want to kill deserve to die. I am sick of the these phonies in the Church.

If you want to find the sinners, look to those who take people out of cages and put them to death. Do you support that? You are paying for it. It is being done in your name. It is being done for your 'benefit' by people you elect. That is the sin. You cannot be Catholic and support the Death Penalty at the same time.


Ummm, you won't find me advocating the Death Penalty. Or the war for that matter. However, it is not the case that you can't be Catholic and support the death penalty. In fact the Church allows room on this issue though the pope has pointed out, in a prudential judgement, that our current cultural and political situation makes the Death Penalty unwarranted and a violation of human dignity.

That is not the case with abortion. Abortion is always gravely immoral. The death penalty is not. The Church is very careful about not forcing her children to believe things do not need to be insisted upon. That is the case with the Death Penalty, whether you recognize that or not.

All that aside, I agree that support for the Death Penalty is not a very supportable Catholic position. I would think a Catholic politician who supports the death penalty is wrong on that issue.

That's just another reason not to vote for John Kerry. He supports abortion, euthanasia, the destruction of human embryos, homosexual marriage . . . AND the death penalty.

Shame on him!


"...it is not the case that you can't be Catholic and support the death penalty. "

In the abstract this is true.

But you cannot be a Catholic and vote for someone to use your tax money to take a man out of cage in order to kill him. That is a grave sin.

The only thing worse would be to deny women their God given personhood and turn them into chattle slave baby bearers. Just who do you think God gave the rights of personhood to? You and the state? Or to the individuals themselves?


That question should be posed to you. If individuals are given the rights of personhood, then the unborn child, a unique genetic individual, should have their personhood protected as well.

It is not a grave sin for a Catholic to vote for someone who votes to use tax money for the execution of criminals through the death penalty. Not only do you fail to make a case for this, what your statement suggests seems purposefully misleading. Your theology is weak, but so is your argumentation.

There are 5 issues that I have seen in this election that are truly non-negiotable: Abortion, destruction of human embryos for scientific purpose, homosexual marriage, and euthanasia. These are issues that are ALWAYS morally illicit and grave matter.

The Death Penalty and war are not ALWAYS morally illict and grave matter. There can be particular reasons that can make war and the death penalty morally ilicit, but a case must be made. They are not non-negotiable.

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