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Oct 27, 2004



so lemme get this straight, I can start telling those texans who are pro-kerry, Your opinion doesn't matter, W already has this state.

that saves me alot of heated discussions. LOL

Terri Senft

Hi. I just recently pointed to your map on my journal, and was wondering if you could tell me which figures you used to compile it? Thanks much.

Patrick Stein

As I suspected, you can pick out most of the large population centers from the blue. I took the data from the CNN website and came up with a graph (http://www.livejournal.com/users/patrickwonders/12753.html) of relative percentages in counties versus the number of ballots cast in the county. It's pretty dramatic how much Kerry dominated places with over 300,000 voters in the county and Bush dominated just about everywhere else.


Please note that this map is a county by county break down of the 2000 Election. I will try to find the 2004 Map and post it also.

This map was taken off of the National Review Online blog called The Corner. I'm pretty sure it was USA Today's map from the last election.

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