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Oct 21, 2004



You GO Steve!

I often worry that I do not do enough about abortion. Chiefly, I use my vote, and I go pray at the local slaughter house a few times a year. But this is one area where we need to be more vocal and less tolerant. There is no room for compromise, we are talking about murder. Lives are at stake.

Remember the words of Our Lord:

"Do not think that I have come to bring peace upon the earth. I have come to bring not peace but the sword."

Surely, we should not seek violence, but we most certainly should not afford the devil hospitality in our own house (assuming ND is still Catholic).

One wonders if those who opposed you at ND would have felt ashamed had they been there when Our Lord chased the money-changers out of the Temple. He didn't just yell at them, He hit them with a whip!


Hi, I found your blog searching for info on the Therese movie, and I found this post interesting. I admire you very much for your standing up to Joe Lieberman. If only more people would call politicians who court the Catholic vote to task. I was just wondering, what makes you say President Bush is not a great pro-life president? Is it because of the war? You yourself cited a few new laws that President Bush signed into law, all of which I would call "pro-life" legislation. just wondering.
Great blog!


YOu know I would have joined you. After they told you to stop, I would have repeated the question. There is a fine line about "speeches" and "famous-gracious" people coming to "talk" about "issues" when babies lives hang in the balance and they ignore them. I didn't know there was SO MUCH written about the event about this "Issue" that wasn't brought up. Did you realize that? (I'm sure you did) With EVERYTHING that was "talked" about during his speech, there is a heck written about what he didn't talk about: abortion. Go Blazer!


You have a lot more guts than I would have! I'm proud of you!

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