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Nov 13, 2004


Penny JRW

First of all.. before we go arguing the rights of the fetus and the rights of the convicted.. lets talk about the responsibility of judgement. Thos of you who were shouting cheers.. do you just trust in the jurors coming to an accurate conviction based on 'evidence' presented. Maybe, he didn't do it. Maybe he did. Do we now "know" that he is "guilty" because a jury said so. In an ideal case. But, this wasn't. Maybe. Maybe is not good enough. Unless, you live in the USofA and cheat on your wife.. then I suppose the death warned by God for immoral sexual activity and for breaking commandments such as "thou shalt not commit adultery" can be extended to a sentencing of death by Lethal Injection. If you support the outcome of this farce of a trial, whether or not your opinion is of the fact that he did do it or he didn't, I should be very afraid, if I were you. You just got had by your justice system. Scott Peterson was convicted because he was an adulterer. Not because the investigators and prosecution did their job correctly. And, had their laxidaisical efforts been seen for what they were, he would be free, based on the truth and justice of "innocent until proven guilty" that is touted throughout the home of the brave and free. Was he guilty? Is he? Maybe. If maybe is good enough for you, beware of what you do, that you may not end up unremorsefully innocent in your own unfortunate set of coincidental circumstance. But, then again.. maybe he did. We'll just have to hope that is true. And, hope that hope and intuition serves this justice well, because reasonable doubt and fact did not.

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