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Nov 06, 2004


Incessant Mace

Well, I can't blame them for moving off to Canada.
a.) It's a far prettier, cleaner and safer country than america
b.) I don't blame the liberals for not being able to stand the sight of that mongoloid monkey-faced clownshoe of a "president" whose only concern is to distract from the fact that he's profiting rich over-christianized while american people by an unjustifyed war.

Wouldn't that unplug your heating pad.


Geee, you're so pleasant and cultured. You must have been really well educated. It's clear from the way you write. You're a real class act.


wow liberals are real americans lol if they can leave, go for it....i mean whos holding them back?


That's my point exactly. If they want to leave, I volunteer to help them pack.


We have plenty of space in Canada so I'm not opposed to the idea. In fact, I propose that we send them all to one place...I propose Labrador: http://www.greatestcities.com/6609pic/510/CP15510.jpg/Newfoundland_3.jpg .

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