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Dec 30, 2004



i dont know what to think.....


Lovin' the part about Saginaw. Maybe they can get the stink that comes from there under control.


Why doesn't Bishop DiNardo have an A+ after his name??


Bishop DiNardo doesn't have an A+ just because I don't know him enough. I have heard good things, but I haven't really heard too much.


A few points of clarification. Archbishop Raymond (never Ray:) and it's La Crosse. I echo the thought that Archbishop DiNardo should have an A+ as should Archbishop Burke. I know Archbishop Burke personally and Archbishop DiNardo through his former seminarians in Sioux City. These are great men, brothers and sisters. Keep them in your prayers.


LOL ... now it will defintely be Archbishop Ray in my book ... anyone who takes himself too seriously to have his name shortened, deserves to suffer that small indignity, at least!

Again I'm sure that Bishop DiNardo is a great Bishop, I just don't know enought about him. I am willing to concede on Archbishop Burke, he gets an A+ in my book too . . . for what its worth.

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