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Dec 13, 2004


Kathy McClanahan

I don't believe in abortion it is a determination of when an individual dies. If God determinates when when a individual is called back to Him. This also includes people on Death Row. One of the 10 commandents is "Thow shalt not kill". It doesn't say kill a baby if it's inconvient and it doesn't state that those convicted of a crime can be put to death. This is God's deceision now ours. Life without the possible of parole is a profound punishment.

I don't believe that we as God's creation should usurp God's law to commit a an action that souly blongs to God and God alone.


I don't think the death penalty will solve anything. It won't bring Laci and Conner back and he'll probably be safer. (He'd suffer more bodily harm in jail with all the other inmates.) I detest what he did to Laci and Connor and I have no sympathy for Scott as a person but I do weep for his soul. I pray that he faces what he has done and begs for God's mercy.


He'll die in jail, remember which state he is in.

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