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Jan 13, 2005



That all is definantly true about Mother Lilly. I am a teenage girl that knows some of the sisters and Mother Lilly. She is a remarcable woman and she has allot of spiritual guidance. In november she said she saw me as one of her sisters and that is something I believe. I am getting ready to go back down thatr and once I finish school it will be permanantly.


Does anyone know what is happening in Mt. Tabor and with Mother Lillie currently?

Diane Chapman

I am Diane Chapman and I work with Mother Lillie and the sisters. We have a small non profit group, the Friends of the Trinitarians. 100% of what we make goes to Mother.

She is very ill and needs your prayers. Her operation is on July 13. Can you please ask everyone to pray for her and the sisters?

If you or your parish would like to help Mother, just email me for information !

God Bless,
Diane Chapman
Friends of the Trinitarians


i love Mather Lillie i am ine of the girls in Mt. Tabor and i love that place because it is like my house


hi mami lillie your the best grandma ever!!!!!


Mary Hammond

I was delighted to meet Mother Lillie again in Rome on 8th October> I want to be able to e-mail her, but cannot do so through Fr. Jose as his e-mail address iss not shown. I have tried many times. Please give her my love and I will pray for her to be in better health. I would love to spend more time if Mother Lillie is going to Rome again next year. We need to be in touch. Could I please have an e-mail address or at least know if she receives my message via this e-mail. Thank you.
Mary Hammond

Lily Auman

Lily is my name and have visited Mt. Tabor several times in the co. of Fr. Abram Dono from Tucson. This place is heaven on earth, a place were our soul is refreshed and strengthen in the Lord. Buy the sisters music and let your spirit yearn for God. Lets continue praying for Mother Lillie and the protection of priests.

maria benavides

The Trinitarians of Mary and Mother Lillie are angels , they are so beautiful and when I go there I feel like I am in heaven, one feels so good just to look at them and to talk to them.

God bless.

Maria Benavides

sharley swinton

i love monte tabor,i am sharley swinton,hi mamy lillie,the trinitarians of mary and mamy lillie are angels.att sharley

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