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Jan 22, 2005



They are out to dominate the world, I tell ya!




I'm not a member of Opus Dei, but I think for your blog to be considered Catholic, at least defend this very Catholic organization (http://www.opusdei.org).

Did you even wonder why the Pope "favored" Opus Dei? Did you ever wonder why the Pope canonized its Founder? (By the way, it wasn't that fast a process for him. Just consider Mother Teresa's.) Don't you also love the Pope? Do some bit of sacrifices that has redemptive value? Pray a few minutes in silent prayer? Didn't the God, Jesus, and St. Paul advise women to be subject to their husbands? Did St. Escriva say something new or different from what Jesus said?

Alex, yes, I think they are really out to dominate the world to make sure that Christ's teaching on the vocation of the laity (due to our Baptism) spread through all the corners of the world.

What's wrong in what they're doing? Maybe they're just "too" loyal to the Church's teachings? People mock radical and modern religious organizations. People also mock the "conservatives." Somehow, the good ones are always put under attack. We will probably not know the sincerity of Opus Dei in its mission until we see God face to face (or St. Escriva for that matter), but its "good standing" with the Pope should be enough assurance for us that they're not doing anything wrong.

And why listen to the subjective views of former members? I can also assure you that not all former members are bitter about Opus Dei.


Uh, Patricia, would you like to relax and take a deep breath?

I have no problems with Opus Dei. In fact, during college and the two years after I frequented the Circle meetings, Friday meditations, and confession at Opus Dei centers. My favorite professor and his wife are Supernumeraries, and I have a little holy card of St. Josemaria Escriva in my breviary.

I have no problems with Opus Dei, and I was just pointing out that this particular article was not overly biased against it. Most secular coverage of Opus Dei has been extremely negative. This particular article got a lot of stuff right, even if it did have a few excesses.

The link that Alex posted was written by someone as a farce . . . to point out the excessive nuttiness in thos who, like Dan Brown of the DaVinci Code, weave ridiculous stories of intrigue and espionage. I'm pretty sure Alex was trying to make a humorous point. It seems to have been lost on you.

And just so you know, what you think my blog should or should not do to be considered Catholic amounts to a hill of beans in book. I'm not worried about my Catholicity. I know where I stand.

Please, relax.

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