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Jan 10, 2005



The powerful lesson here isn't a miracle of God's mercy, a building is not more precious to God than a child.

The lesson here is the authority with which an Apostle of Christ Jesus speaks. St. Thomas said some 2000 years ago that the sea would not pass the post, and the sea has listened.

Oh that we should listen to what the Apostles teach when they speak with authority.


You're right Ben. I didn't meant to imply that the lesson of this miracle was the preservation of the building, and re-reading the article that certainly seems to me that is the thrust.

In fact, I posted it because I noticed something else that struck me. This Cathedral has become the point of aid and shelter for thousands of people in the area affected by the Tsunami. As clearly as the Barque of Peter, this Cathedral stands to offer aid to those who have lost loved ones, homes, and security.

The Cathedral stands as if to say "I will not leave you abandoned."

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