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Jan 22, 2005



lol, i was gonna ask you for a copy of this picture. funny, i like thinking of that first meeting with Msgr. Albacete too...and that was only last week! i've told all my friends but my brother especially is very interested. i should be contacting Paolo from Arizona next week. thanks so much again Stephen for your challenge! you're awesome!


An, for your courage, you are awesome.

I talked to Guido, my friend from LA and he told me that he has given your information (email, phone, etc) to Sergio who is the Visitor to Phoenix. He will be there in a couple of weeks, so don't be surprised if he drops you a line soon.

Isn't it amazing, that this Presence, which has so moved me, could pass through my weak and frail humanity, so wrought in sin, and still move you. I am so happy you came to Florida, and I look forward to the friendship that our friend Jesus has in store for us!

James III

The first time that I all meet the Monsignor he was similar, except he was smoking and said "Be still my heart! Fried Chicken! I love America..."


awww that is soo awesome!! now how COOL is that!! An you look beauutiful! i SO want to meet you! now i shall ever be jealous of blazer lol God bless you guys! you guys rock!! <><


flowery...i want to meet you! i want to see in real life how much you really do look like the beautiful St. Therese. lol. maybe if you join CL i can meet you at a conference...hmmm. what do you think Stephen?


Flower is a big chicken. I've invited her places already. Cluck-Cluck was her only response.

Patrick Sweeney

Msgr. Lorenzo Albacete's book God at the Ritz is wonderful on the connection between Christ and the modern world.l


its only cuz your a meany head!!! lol!! j/k i will try and meet ya if i could....i think i might go to AZ--likos is over there as well! hehe

and i might go to WYD so who knows? whoo hoo! lol im only excited cuz i've never been out of my state before lol how sad is that?

lil red

nice pic, stephen! i'm trying to figure out dates to get mike and riro over here to montana...pray that i can make it happen on my end....

stephen bauer

I share your enthusiasm. I only discovered C&L about January. Giussani knocks me out. I just read God at the Ritz. It seems Albacete has drawn more than a few into the movement.


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