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Feb 16, 2005




It's also possible that women who CHOOSE the pill are, because of some aspect of their personalities, more likely to desire healthy looking men.

The relationship could be (and I would argue likely IS) a spurious one.

We must always remember that correlation (i.e. taking the pill and prefering healthy looking men) in no way should be used to prove CAUSATION (i.e. taking the pill causes women to prefer healthy looking men. Doing this puts one uncomfortably in the position of making a logical fallacy.



I'm well aware of the inherent logical problems in this article and I'm sure the researchers were also. I have been looking for the data to see it more clearly, but I gave the researchers the benefit of the doubt in this respect. As I suggested in my comments, this does seem to support the notion that the body is reacting to a perceived illness, which is the position of the body under the effects of contraception. Contraception is a poison, it poisons the body and this effects a woman's fertility.

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