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Feb 01, 2005


Fred K

Thanks! I wondered about the painting.

The eagle seemed to indicate St. John, but I hardly expected him to be kneeling before the ** infant ** Jesus in a painting that is so realistic -- although, I note now that the setting seems remeniscent of the Eastern iconographic tradition.

Note that St. John's cloak lacks the vivid detail that is elsewhere in the depiction of the persons. The cloak floats blandly to the surface, inviting the eye to return to the profound visual depth of the infant Jesus in His mothers arms . . .


Say, Stephen, I have a question for you: has anyone compiled a list of blogs written by folks involved in CL? I'd be curious. I only know of yours and Clairity's Place.


No, not that I know of . . . there is Paper Clippings, that's done by Albacete's friend . . . (http://mywebpages.comcast.net/clippings/) . . . what is Clairity's Place?



Here's the link for Clarity's Place: http://clairitys-place.blogspot.com/

Myself, I'm just getting introduced to CL.

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