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Feb 06, 2005


Julie D.

Congrats on the nomination, blog friend! :-)


Stephen, I'm trying to figure out how to do the "vote often" part...well, you know I'm from Chicago and we have a tradition to uphold here!

Father Ethan

May the best man (or woman) win! I will add you to my list of meat and potato blogs. I like your blog.


Hi, Good luck! I had never been around here before but I think I might be visiting quite often!



Come on, certainly a Chicagoan can figure it out! Maybe you weren't a solid enough democrat to pick up the technique . . . Did you vote for Reagan?


P.S. The key is to vote from DIFFERENT computers . . . lol


Stephen, apparently somebody's figured out how to vote often, because you're leading in the polls!
(Or are you paying people?)

Lounge Daddy

You ran a great campaign - very impressive
…So you got my vote, yo 8)

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