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Mar 30, 2005



Stephen, I don't think that capital punishment can't really be called "state sanctioned murder," seeing that the principle behind it is the same core principle behind just war theory: defense of the common good. Unlike euthanasia, you can find writers in the Christian tradition going all the way back to the Church Fathers who justified the death penalty under some circumstances. And if my reading of Evangelium Vitae is correct, the present pontiff does not condemn it on principle, either, but only presents doubts about the justifiability of the death penalty within highly industrialized nations where there are plenty of other ways of dealing with criminals. Still, that doesn't make it "state sanctioned murder."

Marina Ramos

Stephen, Terri is on God's hads now. This story struck me so deeply. Even though I am a mother too, and I believe I canot imagine what Terri's mother must be going through now. Her sorrow is inimaginable. But, what astonishes me most is that CL did not pronouce any judgment on this.
We all remember when CL in Italy stood with the Pope on the issue regarding Abortion. How come we are not expresing any judgment now?
This case is for Euthanasia what Roe vs. Wade for abortion.


Marina, I agree. I know that the CL community in Florida did something, but I agree, we should have a judgement on this.

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