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Mar 16, 2005



Stephen,thanks, really, thanks so much. This is the most beautiful witness from the funeral I've heard. I am so happy you went--with this witness your going there was for me also. --Tere


stephen, thanks for sharing this us. all i have to say is wow.


What a wonderful reflection Stephen. Thanks so much for posting this.


Stephen, thanks for your reflection on your trip. Though you told me about your trip and how you felt, I feel I have gotten to know you even better through this reflection. May our Lord Bless You and especially your family, so they can see the "YOU" I have come to know better and carry in my Heart and Soul. MOM

Marina Ramos

Thank you Stephen for sharing with us your experience on the funeral of our beloved Father Don Gius.
For thouse of us, who wanted with all our heart, to be there and yet, were not able; can now "experience" what you have "experienced", through this testimony so vivid, so real!.


Dear Stephen, thanks a lot for this wonderful witness. I'm a 21yo Italian guy who met less than 2 years ago the Movement (through a cousin i didn't know who i met at the university). So i've never seen don Gius alive and i wasn't at the funeral in Milan that day. But your strenght witness teaches me a lot about the love which taughts to Christ. I believe Don Gius is my father as well, also if i've never met him during the life. Please remember me in your prayers. Your brother in Christ,
P.S.: compliments for the blog! ;-)

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