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Apr 17, 2005



I find most of these prophesies about the popes highly speculative and likely fradulent. Most think St. Malachi's are counterfeit and the precision and detail of the predictions, I'm told, drops dramatically once you get past the popes that would have been prior to the date it is said the prophesies were actually written.

I imagine his name is not mentioned because he is retired and over the age of 80, but for a long time Bernadin Cardinal Gantin ws thought to be papabile.


Perhaps it is not a literal "black" pope, but rather a symbolic "black".


Could be anything . . . that's why these prophecies are so goofy. Especially the St. Malachi prophecies which were probably not written by him at all.


We, human beings by nature, speculate always about the future and tell me if I'm wrong, almost always comes in a different way that probably we did not, even imagined.., so I agree, could be anything and that's why they are so goofy.


Let's see...John Paul II was described hundred of years before his papacy as labore de solis, or the labor of the sun. He was born during a solar eclipse, worked his butt off for the church, buried by the church during a partial solar eclipse.

Then you have his predecessor, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger whose descriptor is Gloria Olivae according to the prophecies. And he takes of all the possible monikers, the name of the Father of the Benedictine Order, aka the Olivetans.

You're right fellas, this looks pretty fishy to me...too!


That's correct....
I just would like the predictions to be more accurate, I mean, if for St. Malachi was possible to foresee the future with that detail and description in a few words of where the popes came from... why not include the dates I would say ??? just to be really perfect.
Just a bunch of speculations!!!


Thanks for explaining why Ratzinger is the black pope. Are the black Germans of Bavaria Mennonites/Amish people?-do they use olives to die their clothes black? could you write me to explain further about these black people? I too have been following Nostradamus. The tribulation is suppose to start with this man (suffering) whatever that means? How long will this popes reign be?


I would like to reiterate that I don't really hold an credence to these prophecies. I think they are so sufficiently vague that they could be interpreted in a bunch of different ways . . . it was more of a playful post originally, to "join" in the fun of the speculation about the next pope . . . but we have the pope now, and he's beautiful!


NOSTRADAMUS 1503-1566 --High in the property rightward some way, Upon the square-shaped stone he'll sit and look-Beside the window at around midday-His mouth clamped shut, holding his twisted crook-The North wind shall the see oblige to quit, As red-hot ash and dust blow over the walls-Through rain therafter (much harm comes from it)- Their last hope lies towards where the frontier calls-O Roman Clergy in 1609 At the years's turn you shall election make: Companian he, who'll GREY and BLACK combine. Never worse fiend: never more grave mistake.


Ratzinger was raised among the BLACK Germans of Baveria.
He has the beliefs of the Mennonite people. Mennonites only wear Black and grey. Nostradamus was trying to tell us this. So was St. Malachy (Black Olives) of Europe
I think he will be a very good pope with good intentions but somehow still a big mistake which we will understand in time.

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