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Apr 17, 2005



Oh geez . . .


to prudencio, I personally say that predictions are hardly true when it comes to dates. I did not see any preditctions that have an exact date or even a close date when it will happen. And to others that think that St. Malachy's predictions are not true then why don't you study the lives of the popes and somewhere you will always find a link between the pope and the prophecies given by St. Malachy. Example, Pope John XXIII's title is pastor et nauta or in english pastor and marine. Before he was elected pope, he is a bishop from Venice, the city whose main transportation is by boat. Try to think of that the prophecies appeared during the 15th century and foretelling a pope during the 1900's. Just try to think over this.

Black Pope or Blak Archbishop?

can this be concider as a phemonition of nostradamus?


i think the prophecies of St.Malachi is true...I would encourage everyone to read Revelation chapter 13 all verses...you will know that these predictions are true!!!if you dont believe,i have nothing to do with that...i stick to what i believe..


I believe the prophecies of the popes St. Malachy envisioned on his pilgrimage to Rome, back in 1100s, have been amazingly accurate to date. Apparently 1 more pope remains on the doomsday list before the tribulation period begins and all hell breaks loose in 2010s, and next black pope will undergo many trials and tribulations before the end of his short papacy reign.


check it out. Might be literal.

Peter Walker

The interpretation is wrong -- the word Pope was adopted to that person who is Leader in this case our Leader is Obama chosen by the people to be their Leader. History! Pope by name is a Lieutenant.


Black pope has several meanings. Given time and context, Black could refer to the clothing of the person in question, as in that time if you spoke of "the black man" you meant a man dressed in black (synonymous with the devil)

further, the Jesuit order's leading office is called "The Black Pope". O.o not because he is bad, but that is just the title given his office.

Then you have to wonder if Pope is a literal pope or just a name for a figure of authority. in any case, the term is too vague to be used with any certainty.

Peter Krikels


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