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Apr 06, 2005



Two things struck me -- First the mention of the LC priests. And that's just on a personal note as I happen to have met them what seems like yesterday but was in fact six years ago when they were still seminarians.

Stephen, is it just me, but does this objectivist use some of the very language you would expect to see from Fr. Giussani, but then allows his ideology to kick in and dictate his conclusions?

James III

It seems to me John Paul II proves the Glory of the Church and the Culture she produces with his love of others.

Leaving aside the flaws in objectivism, the worst critiques of this article are based on misinformation.

Also it seems that reason, for Catholics, is something different for objectivists. It almost seems as though the objectivist is reverting to a pre world war sentiment in which human reason and only human reason could solve problems. This secularzation demphasizes the dynamic role of religion in the datum of history.

The billions of people mouring John Paul II requires a fundamental reconsideration of the role religion plays in both motives and effects.


She is right about one thing. The Objectivist's worst enemy is the Objectivist, and this author isn't doing her ideological brethren any favors with her maner of writing either.

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