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Apr 26, 2005


Lounge Daddy

“mock Benedict and you’re gonna get kicked” …?

Fred K

peace, jobs, freedom . . . and Benedict?


Papa B. we love thee?


I like Mark Shea's suggestion:
"you're 16, you're beautiful, and you're mine" (posted on his Catholic and Enjoying It blog)


Saw this on a different website: "ex - vee - eye, you're our guy"

laura d

I'm actually really liking the "Papa B, we love thee".. it has a ring to it! ;)


Or "Sweet 16! Sweet 16!" -- found that one on NRO

Blair Fulnecky

Haha hey Steve it's Blair Fulnecky from South Bend. My mom was reading a magazine the other day and stumbled on my new favorite...Papa-Ratzi!!! haha some people started chanting this after the election in Vatican Square. I'm taking this one to World Youth Day!!


Ummm, Blair ... I'm glad you clarified it was Blair Fulnecky from SOUTH BEND . . . I was thinking it was Blair Fulnecky from SHEBOYGAN . . . glad you cleared that up . . . lol

Yeah, Papa Ratzi . . . but it's not gonna cut it . . . We need one with Benedict . . . something like Papa Ben, Papa Ben . . .

barb kralis

Pope Benedict, you're no heretic!

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