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Apr 25, 2005


Jeff Miller

David Morrison at Sed Contra also writes as a Catholic with same-sex attraction but totally holds to Church teaching and he also works with the group Courage.



Ah, yes Jeff. I forgot about David. I guess because when I was thinking about this site I was surprised that this guy was really young. My age really, while I think of Dave as an older guy, and "ex-gay" guy. I am not sure if that's fair or not, it's just how I think of it.

David Morrison

Sigh. Consigned to the trash heap at 42! ;) Don't worry young'in, go to sleep one night and when you wake up 15 years will pass in your life too. It's just the way it is.

Also, for the record, I don't self-define as gay or ex-gay. I am a Christian and I live with a degree of same sex attraction...



Trash heap! Never! Thanks for the generous correction. I am young and foolish. And yes, this guy does have a different way of relating to his sexual attraction . . . hopefully you two are in touch . . .


Stephen, my friend, I don't lean to the left... I'm firmly planted in the left. ;) With that said, though, I have respect for both the gentleman you mention and David Morrison. They're living the Catholic faith the way they're certain they're supposed to be; and so am I.



I didn't mean to insult your liberal credentials, lol. You certainly do more than lean. I am just wondering, does "dictatorship of relativism" . . . what do you think?


Stephen, not all (nor even most) liberal Catholics are relativists. We believe in absolute truth; we just don't believe that everything coming from the mouth of Pope XYZ, sometimes contradictory things from one Pope to another, constitute absolute truth.

For instance, I believe that gays and lesbians have an inherent dignity that comes from being made in the image and likeness of God that entitles them to all human rights, without exception and without limitation, in contrast to Pope Benedict XVI's statement as Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith that the human rights of gays and lesbians could be limited. I believe that this entitlement to the same human rights without limitation as all other human beings is an absolute truth; and I believe that Pope Benedict XVI is absolutely wrong. That's not relativistic, but it is certainly liberal.


Although I'm not too interested in Dreadnought's use of slang sexual terms, I do thoroughly enjoy his blog. As an artist, I am terribly concerned w the way I use images too. So, if I were the Dreadnought, I might approach that differently. However, his site totally rocks!

Bill Rogers
Tampa, FL

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