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Apr 20, 2005



You tell 'em, baby!

Jon Caudle

Hi. I'm also an American. Further, I'm a Protestant. Yet I, too, am exultant.

Why? Because it appears that Benedict XVI rejects the error of relativism, insisting instead that truth IS and truth MATTERS.

Rome and Geneva may not see eye to eye on what the truth is, but at least we both affirm that it matters, and it is found in God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Better to disagree vigorously, while remaining humble and ever ready to repent when God reveals us to be in error, than to surrender truth and to unite in nothingness.

May Benedict XVI contend earnestly for the historic faith, and may NOTHING (other than the conviction of God's Holy Spirit that he is in error) ever cause him to change his mind!

And may God restore the unity of his people.

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