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Apr 13, 2005


Fred K

What? No Schoenborn? I didn't think his NCR bio did him justice.



I like Cardinal Schoenborn, and yes NCR didn't quite do him justice. However, I think that one of the most pressing needs in the Church is the episcopacy. I think the Cardinals will be (should be?) looking at someone who will take on that can of worms and focus on the role of the Bishops. I don't think that Cardinal Schoenborn has demonstrated much success with that issue in Austria, but we'll see.

laura d

Since I have you on the topic of the next Pope, I would like to say that I agree with you. However, I hadn't known anything about Bergoglio or Quellet. They do seem like very good candidates. What is your opinion on the two African cardinals: Napier and Arinze? And... what is your opinion on the "secret" cardinal... do you think it could be the infamous Msgr. Lorenzo Albacete?


Ouellet is awesome, but a longshot.

Don't know much about Bergoglio. I would add Biffi to this list, not that he stands a chance.


I doubt albacete was the Cardinal in pectore . . . do you really think he would have been able to keep it a secret? lol

By the way, I heard he had lunch with Paula Zahn, if anyone hears how it went, let me know!

Bergoglio I met once in Argentina, he heard my confession. He wasn't a cardinal I don't think, maybe not even a bishop. He just happened to be in the confessional at the Cathedral. I read up on him a little afterwards, I think he is the strongest candidate from Latin America, but I also think he is really remarkable.

I don't know anything about Napier other than the fact that he is from South Africa, so don't count on it. Arinze is awesome, and I would love to see his face in a white hat, but I don't think he speaks the language of modern western culture as well as someone like Scola or Oullet. Traditional catholics love him because he speaks in traditional Catholic language, but somehow I'm thinking that the Cardinals will be more inclined to look toward someone who can continue to engage Europe on its own terms.


I am Canadian so, I can always hope eh.
Never imagined the choice of Pope would matter to me but I watch with prayerful interest.

laura d

Well, Albacete wouldn't have had to keep it a secret... i thought the only person who knew who the Cardinal in pectore was, was the Pope. This means that Albacete wouldn't have known himself, and therefore he wouldn't have had to keep that secret. ;) I could be totally wrong, I just know what I hear. But then again, Albacete does sometimes refer to himself as the next Pope, so who knows!! ;)

I hadn't heard about the interview... thanks for sharing. The last thing I knew was that he was supposed to be the ABC commentator for the Pope's funeral, and that he wasn't on. I hadn't heard why.


Maybe you are on to something! The world will never know!

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