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Apr 22, 2005



Some 26 years ago, when the conclave elected a relatively unknown Pole to sit on the chair of St Peter, the world took it as a "sign" from the Catholic Church to defy the communism, which was then ravaging
Poland and much of Eastern Europe. No one could be so blind to see what this Polish Pope brought about in his native land and in Eastern Europe.
If we are to believe that there is a "political agenda" in each conclave, what, then, should we expect to see the 115 cardinals, the largest in number, the most diverse in their origins, who had such an unanimity (after only three rounds of vote, practically 24 hours after the door of the Sixtine chapel was locked), electing a most known German cardinal, hated by the secular press?
Europe has become, according to many, one of the most "Godless" corner in the world. The relativism and the laicisme of many western European countries have reached such a point that the faithful of the Catholic
Church are being persecuted, verbally, if not physically. With the muslim invasion in western Europe, we are not far from the decline, similar to that of the Roman Empire some 1500 years ago. So if a Polish Pope could bring down the most diabolic communism, could we legitmately hope that a Pope from a too secularised Europe will successfully triumph over the moral relativism, the militant laicism?
Will this be a message to European leaders who are working tirelessly to remove the Christianity from the European Constitution? Will European anarchists, free-masons, et al see Ratzinger as a threat just
the same way that Polish communism and the Soviet saw Wojtyla as a threat to them 26 years ago?
In Europe, and most certainly in many parts of the world, we are entering another "dark age" of the neo-barbarianism. The Christian heritage and patrimony is being destroyed. The sons of St Benedict were saving the classic culture by their "ora et labora." Is Ratzinger paying hommage to the great patriarch of Europe? Let's pray for him.
Ubi est Petrus, ibi est Ecclesia.

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