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Apr 13, 2005



I think the Ratzinger piece Lt. Jones linked to on his blog is far more astute.

Fr. McBrien seems to take an overtly political tone and one of joyful hope that the movements fizzle. Reading the piece, you get the feeling that he thinks the movements won't survive the identity crisis of having to live under a new pope. Notice the interest isn't in the movements but what might make them battle with each other. Says something about McBrien I think.

It strikes me that, if there is anything to criticize about the movements, it is their youthful exuberance. I think people have to give them time to mature and not throw out the bathwater because of some mistakes of individuals. Most of the movements only recently have been experiencing the death of their founders. Time should correct some of the misplaced emphasis on individual personalities.

As for my experience, nothing could be further from the truth than this notion of the movements battling each other. Here in Chicago, all of the movements present in the diocese helped put on one of the Cardinal's prayer vigils in a novena leading up to the feast of Immaculate Conception. People from the Catholic Charismatic Renewal have attended my SofC and members of Focolare came to the Way of the Cross we put on. When Fr. Giussani passed away, other movements sent their condolences.

So I just don't know where Fr. McBrien is getting his info.

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