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Apr 26, 2005


Forrest Gump

Read Shock Therapy over at the Japery.



I would point out to you that it is Pope Benedict XVI who has fervently opposed the rights of some Christians, i.e. gay Christians, to adopt babies and perhaps save them from abortion. I think this is a case of one trying to have one's cake and eat it too.

More people to adopt children is a good thing. Unfortunately, the Catholic Church under then-Cardinal Ratzinger has come down on the side of fewer people to adopt children. I hope, as Pope Benedict XVI, he will look at reality and make a better decision.

Therese Z

Bad facts, Nathan. There aren't ENOUGH children to adopt, which is why so many people are going to foreign countries to do so. That's a wonderful thing, by the way, I wouldn't want it to stop.

Don't you know any prospective adoptive parents? They wait years and years and may never be successful.

And when the horror of in-vitro fertilization, in which many embryos, complete persons, are frozen, or immediately discarded, can be stopped, there will be even more prospective parents available to adopt children.


Are you crazy? Of COURSE there are more than enough children to adopt; the reason the wait is so long is because of the bureaucracy of the whole thing. And if you're going to come back and say there aren't enough children to adopt, can you explain to me why so many are shipped from foster home to foster home?



Two things: First, the majority of kids in foster care are older . . . children who were removed from their homes for various reasons already after 6 years old. They are not little "babies," which is what just about everyone who is looking to adopt wants.

Second, those kids who are up for adoption and are babies are usually minority children or children with various handicaps. Most people don't want to adopt these children.

Now, I agree these are serious issues, but quite honestly (I have good friends who work in adoption), it's not like homosexuals are just knocking down the doors looking to adopt. In fact, there are very few . . .


Well, is there any possibility of organising a "watch" in the world we live in today??

Didn't Mother Teresa say "give them to me"?

I am aware that I am speaking as one who hasn't even got a long-term job... but we live in hope, right?!


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