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May 11, 2005



I see that Army soldiers have been promoted. Instead of being "baby killers," they are now "used car salesman." One might add that the "used cars" that that the U.S. Army are selling are 1967 Ford Shelby Corbas.

I love for people to talk about that which they know nothing about, i.e. Ut Unum Sint, Chris Matthews, etc. The U.S. Army guarantees everything in black and white in a legal binding contract. This includes a specific job, specific training, specific monetary bonus if qualified, and specific education benefits, etc. Everything is in the contract before any commitments are made by either party. No Army recruiter receives monetary incentives for enlisting anyone at anytime. If and when any Army recruiter breaks Army regulation or law, they are disciplined appropriately. You can rest assured of this fact.

It's one thing to "talk the talk." It's another thing to "walk the walk." We should all applaud and pray for the young men and women who are shedding their own flesh and blood for that which they believe in. That's reality my friends and it's very incarnational as well! I encourage everyone to watch the movie, "We Were Soldiers."


I'll allow your comments to stand for the time being, but the next time you come around here, have the balls to post with your name and a valid email attached.

As it stands I think you're misreading somethings and I encourage you to have a beer and munch on a pack of "Get a grip."

MAJ Jones

If anyone has questions about the U.S. Army, I encourage you to go to our website, which is provided to you on my name with the hyper-link. A chat-room is available there (http://goarmy.com/ChatIndex.do) to answer any of your questions.

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