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May 27, 2005



I dread to find that out; please never tell me the answer. Sometimes ignorance is a blessing.
That being said, some of these women feel uncomfortable of their vocation in the Church, yet they don't have enough honesty nor moral courage to reform themselves, which was why they were called in the first place. A genuine vocation, for men as well as women, is not to reform others, but to reform oneself; not to crticise nor to judge what fails to enter one's preconceived idea, but to be surprised, be amased, be overwhelmed by a mystery which is infinitely greater than one.
Ask if I do the will of God, not if God does the will of mine. Or to abuse again the cliche of this blog: it being or nothingness!


Alas, we need some kind of Church sanction against nuns who "preach" against the teachings of the Church. Perhaps Pope Benedict XVI needs to establish an office just for this purpose in the CDF?


Well, before I became a Catholic, I had the feeling I was looking for a Church which did not exist.

In one sense, it didn't exist, because the Church with me is not the same Church as the Church without me, and I was looking for the Church I would one day join...

...maybe we could understand something about these women the same way: they are looking for something, but we and they need to change before they can find it, because it is not just a static but a living Church which we (hopefully) both beleive in?



Russ - a solid time-honoured solution that you advocate there. If someone puts forth a new idea, simply bring on the Inquistion! (Perhaps you could also invite these ladies to tie themselves up against the stake while you find some kindling)

Seriously though, I think Jesus would want us to listen to these people and take them seriously. Let's not repeat the mistakes of the past - after all, Jesus was a heretic too. ;)


To keir and a:

No, we do not need to listen to them. We need to listen to the magisterium of the Church. That's it, bottom line, end of story. If you can't accept that, then you need to find your way to a Lutheran or Methodist or Baptist or Presbyterian or Episcopal church.


CitadelGrad: Good to see that you are doing your bit to show that Catholics aren't simply brainwashed dogmatic sheep... ;)

Read some history, then you might see that the religious authorities, including those in the Catholic Church, occasionally make mistakes! If you can't accept *that* then you need to find your way into the Jehovah's Witnesses or a similarly infallible cult.



Actually I minored in history, so I'm sure I've read at least as much history as you have. As for my being a brainwashed sheep, you are right. I spent the large majority my life as an agnostic who was brainwashed by secular humanism, so I recognize the symptoms rather well. You certainly seem to exhibit them.

The cafeteria is closed. Eat what is on your plate or leave the table.


The debate on this comment box is of the lowest quality, but the mangling of metaphors is great!

I didn't suggest putting forward female dissenting theologians forward for Pope. I just said they might have some good ideas mixed in with the utterly crazy ones.


Afterthought: the way to discern which are the good ideas and which are maybe not so good would be of course to listen to the Magisterial teaching of the Church, the Scriptures and the Liturgy (assuming you can find a reasonably correct one ;)

So, I agree with CG, but I would say it should be the start of the story not the end of it. Maybe not for me and you, though... probably the CDF could get round to having a good talk with these people... seriously though, did either a or CitadelGrad actually read any of those writings, or just look at the pretty pictures? :p


CG - Apologies if I sounded harsh. I'll admit to playing devil's advocate, and I'll also come out of the closet and say that I'm Anglican :)

Keir - You seem to have the best balance here. As I suggested earlier, the Pope doesn't have to agree, he just has to listen with humility and respect even if he ends up telling them that they are wrong. (and I did read the comments!)

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