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May 05, 2005



That's a church?! It's hideous...


I must say that medieval cathedrals are of better taste.

me =)

man that looks like a YMCA gym on steriods--not a church!

*tsk tsk* wheres the beauty thats suppose to be there in the archtichure (okay i can't spell...sue me)

me =)

okay so maybe the ymca comment was a little harsh.....

how about i say instead it looks like it should have a sign that says american bank...or dillards? ;)

but i kid...but i kid! ;P

Lounge Daddy

It looks like a government compound


Or a masonic temple . . .


where is this place? It looks like it could be in Egypt,like those places that the "Ten Commandments" was filmed in.


It's in Los Angeles. This is the Cathedral of the Arch Diocese of Los Angeles, California.

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