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Jun 14, 2005



It's called a "bleg", a blog beg.


Yeah . . . I have seen that word . . . but I hate it. Blog is already short of web log . . . now it's a web log beg . . . bleg . . . bleh!

lol . . .


You might want to look for it under the title "The Tidings Brought to Mary." As far as I know it is out of print. There is a copy for sale at an Australian antique online book dealer for under $12.00 US: http://www.antiqbook.com/boox/pou/257.shtml , but that's all a quick and dirty google search came up with.


Here's a copy on Ebay:
There are a few copies of it available on biblio also:

Fred K

try loome books

Frank McManus

Do you still need this? I'm pretty sure I have copy (Regnery paperback) -- I could send it to you. (Remove NOSPAM in my e-mail address to reply privately.)

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