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Jun 18, 2005



I have quietly watched this on the news and read about it, but wanted to comment on something in this article that came to mind when he said he does not understand why his family has been singled out.

The world saw how awful Michael Schiavo was, and perhaps this is God trying to show the world that good can come from tragedy, and that not everyone is like Michael was.

Good people suffer sometimes to set the example for others, to show that it is possible to have a good life, despite it all.


I cannot say why God chooses some to endure such sufferings while others appear to get through life unscathed, but the story of the love this man has for his wife and children is inspiring and heartbreaking at the same time. I have forwarded the story to several friends and will make a contribution to the family's fund.


Heartbreaking story... God willing the baby will be fine!


Thank you for this wonderful post. I have had intense interest in this story, it shows just how sweet and devoted and benevolent this man is to his wife and children. We need more men like Jason out there in this world.


I have just watched Jason and his brother at the Larry King Show this morning.They are such a wonderful family,and Jason stands out as the Prefect spouse and father.The spiritual leader has also played a significant role in this need,and that is the way of Christ-standing by and consoling those in need.Our prayers and best wishes to this family,Jason and Pete!!


My thoughts and prays go out to Jason and his family. My hopes are that he is able to bring home a beautful little baby girl home, to share his love and also so that Peter can have a litle sister to be a big brother to. Jason comes from a large family, so he knows how important it is to have the love and support of your family. I sure hope he is able to stay strong and find faith and strengh in God. As this may be part of God's plan. We are not to question why bad things happen to good people, but we just can't help to wonder why. I hope that everyone that hears this story is able to at leaset open up their hearts and just send one dollar. If 300,000 or 400,000 thousands people hear their story, then he won't have to worry so much, but like he says he said it's only money, and I'm know he rather have Susan back.


The baby girl will be fine. She has angels protecting her and will be born a bit early, however; she will grow into a healthy little girl


My daughter was diagnosed at 23 with a malignant brain tumor,I send my thoughts and prayers to this family.
I pray that the baby will be fine and Susan can live on through the child.


It's been 10 months or so when this tragedy happened. I feel greatly saddened by the death of Susan Torres and baby Susan Anne Catherine Torres who passed away in September of last year after surgery. I feel so bad about it and I pray for Jason, who is a widower little Peter, who has no mother and lost a little sister to enjoy, and the rest of the Torres family. Such a heartbreaking story. If baby Susan was still alive today, she would be a happy 10 month old, anxiosly waiting for her first birthday to arrive in less than 2 months.

Paul Rollin

Susan was a Rollin. Nobody seems to remember that she was Rollin, before she was Torres.

We hurt pretty badly too. I, her father, Sandi, her mother, and Michael, her brother, will never be the same.

Susan, was Susan Rollin, to her school mates, here in Spring, TX. There are people here that don't even know that Susan Torres was Susan Rollin. Little, if anything, was ever said by anyone in the press, or the Torres family, about the Rollin part of her life. There was more of the Rollin part, than the Torres part, and it was pretty wonderful too. It's a shame.

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