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Jun 13, 2005


Freya Marshall

Better late than never! I have just found this on your blog and thought I'd share a letter I wrote to the Radio Times on 27th May 2005, which makes the same point. They didn't print it however! This is it

"It was sad to see Archbishop Desmond Tutu (who I respect) agreeing with the simplistic notion that the Catholic Church’s teachings against the use of condoms, have contributed significantly to the rise of HIV/Aids in Africa. (Radio Times Interview, 28th May).

Firstly, the majority of Africans are not Christian, let alone Catholic, so it does not influence their behaviour presumably? Secondly, it is, I think, accepted that the risks are far less for people who are faithful sexually to only one partner, which is something that most Christian Churches advocate? It is therefore illogical to say that people who contravene that by “sleeping around” (the most usual way of spreading the virus), are still nevertheless likely to obey the Church’s injunction against the use of condoms.

I am afraid that the problem of HIV/Aids in Africa lies much deeper, and would suggest that even if the Vatican changed its mind tomorrow (which it can’t and won’t), and handed out free condoms after Mass, it would only have a very minimal effect.

Yours sincerely,
Freya Marshall"

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