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Aug 05, 2005



What an awesome opportunity for this move to DC! Say Hi to Fr. Stefano and Fr. Jose with CL for me. I'm down in Fl. doing a year of service this year, but think of them often:) Have fun at WYD!

Carson Weber

"the greatest staff"? Thanks for the overstatement, but you know it was only true as long as you hadn't reached Maryland.


Wonderful. May God's blessings be with you in your new endeavor, and always. I was in the DC Suburbs from 1995 to 2000. My family still lives there. It is a wonderful place, sans the summer. Have fun at WYD.


Congrats on the new job!
There are lots of FUS alum and from what I hear a good Young Adult program through the ArchDio.

Much of what you've shared is why I'm out of it for now-but still bloggin! Keep me posted on good ideas or resources that you come across and I'll link them up. Thanks for the update!


can't wait till you get back so we can swap our international stories!!! tell your Holiness, B16 I said what's up.

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