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Aug 26, 2005


Nicholas Ryan

It is Nicholas Ryan, I am in Leuven now, I left New Orleans about 12 hours before the strom hit. I tried to email you but I was unsuccesful. Please, I humbly ask that you ask the readers of your blog to pray for the people of New Orlaens. It is hard to follow this from Belgium but it seems many are dead and it is clear that everyone lost everything. All the people of New Orleans have is faith, which is hard to have in such times. But I do know that the mayor of New Orleans has asked people to pray for those there as well as the governor of Lousiana. Also, in New Orleans we always prayed to our Lady to protect us from storms, we call her "Our Lady of Prompt Sucker (sp?)". I have no doubt she saved us from a direct hit but now we need her prayers to help those who are trapped to get out. So please ask people to ask Our Lady to intercede for the people of New Orleans and the gulf coast, she has before on many occasions and I am confidant she will again. Do take care and God bless,


Dear Nicholas,
I'm touched by the news that I can watch on TV here in Italy. I've been in New Orleans last year (thanks to my dear friends Jay and Stacey who put me and my boyfriend up for a weekend there) so the pictures on TV are even more striking. I'm praying (and I'll keep on doing it) for whoever is going through this sorrowful moment.


Nicholas and Chiara,

Thanks for your comments. I've been busy getting adjusted to the new job, and haven't posted about the hurricane, but I will be sure to do so today. Nicholas, in particular I will add your family to my intentions. Chiara, I don't know if you got Jay's email, but his family is, for the most part fine, they are all safe, and most have had minimal damage to their homes. Now, they are just worried about looters. He did have one nephew who lost everything, but he and his wife are both safe and that is what is most important. Please keep them in prayers.

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