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Sep 29, 2005


Justin Nickelsen

I once had the opportunity, on a mission trip, to volunteer for a few days at the "Catholic Worker" in downtown Manhatten--my understanding is that it was the first one, no?

It was great to be there for the poor, but the people there, though kindered spirits, were ... well... a little... off the wall radical leftists.

With that, I agree that the Zwick's book may help calm the murky waters surrounding and bringing down the name "Dorthy Day".

-- Justin Nickelsen


Justin (great blog, btw) the Catholic Worker is a varied front, and the Zwicks represent the most true adherents to Dorothy. They are definitely radical, but they are also 100% faithful to the Church. The CW Houses in the country are very different, one from another, since there is no central Catholic Worker authority. Its primary idenity is pacifist, committed to the corporal works of mercy, and identified with Dorothy Day and Peter Maurin, but even that is widely interpreted. The Houses in South Bend are really orthodox, the Houston house as well, Phoenix too, but other than that, it's pretty hit and miss. Still, like all of us, they are sincerely trying to follow Christ and work these questions out.

Justin Nickelsen


Thank for the comment on the blog... I try. :)

As you, and others, have described it, combined with my own experiences, it seems sort of like the Thomas Merton Centers around.

I have loved most all of the things I have read of Merton--my wife is the Dorthy Day reader--but they seem to have in common "followers" that have sort of ... distorted who they were and what they were about.


But, as you said, we are all striving...


Justin Nickelsen

P.S. What does "Anti-fop" mean?

Anti "festival of praise"?




LOL . . . yeah, Anti-FOP is "Anti Festival of Praise". Did you go to Steubenville? I went to Notre Dame, but had friends at Steubenville, and I attended a few FOP's in my day . . . I thought the sticker was hilarious (from a friends blog) since I wasn't a huge fan of the FOP.

Justin Nickelsen

Tsk... tsk...


Please... :)

I have never even *heard* of Steubenville.

It was just a lucky guess. I don't... even... know... what a ... Festival of Praise... is... :)


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