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Sep 20, 2005



I haven't seen one, but I bet that in archives somewhere there's a picture of Christ as a Nazi made during the 30s to try and make Him seem cool to the Third Reich.


Stephen, I agree with you, and it disgusts me too that no one knows about the horrible murders committed by el Commandante. BUT, what about the early Christians, who, in the Catacombs, appropriated the image of Apollo and depicted Christ as the "New Apollo." Then again, Apollo was no murderer... or was he?



I think my main problem with the add is with the fact that they are using Che as the comparison, but I think this is still a different situation. With the "new Apollo" you had Christians trying to help people understand who Christ was by explaining to them that Christ was a "real" Apollo, or a "greater than" Apollo, I don't understand it exactly as a marketing tactic. I feel like the creators of this add just though "Oh, Che's popular, let's use his image." There doesn't seem to be a deeper level of thought put into it.

I mean, I guess I could give them the benefit of the doubt. I do know that all of reality points to him, so I could jsut suppose that this is what they were trying to reiterate, to appeal to the commonalities between Che and Christ

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