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Sep 01, 2005


Nicholas Ryan

Stephen and for all others who have the people of New Orleans and the Gulf coast, thank you. I do not know how this is portrayed else where but in Belgium the people are think the city is a war zone. Indeeed there is a criminal element present but most of the violence is a result of the fact that people are literally starving to death in the city. It seems the people need are our prayers now more than ever,

Lois Ann Hater

I would like to know if you have prayer cards to Our Lady of Prompt Succor? Also, are there statues or pictures?
I had never heard of Our Lady of Prompt Succor until the hurricane. Would love to help pass on the message to others.


i would like to ask if you have any idea of the history of the image of prompt succor here in our town buhi, cam. sur philippines..any info? i would solicit info that cud be of great help in my thesis on this particular saint...send me..i wud be very greatful..thankx

Glayson Colaco

(my parents don't want my girlfriend as my wife).pray that my parents shall accept my relationship with my girlfriend and allow us to get engaged soon and get married.pray that my parents would now take the first step towards my relationship. me and my girlfriend(emaureen) are waiting for it. my girl's parents are waiting for my parent's approval.pray for us...
pray that me and my girlfriend shall love and be faithful towards eachother.

william j. ciaston

would where i could purchase these metals. i read about it in our local where sister finnerty had sent one to mr. john mara for the super-bowl game. mr. mara kept rubbing it until the giants won the game.

william j. ciaston

pray for my dauhter so that she can get away from her ex who constantly harrass her. he claims to be an atheist. hedespises all religions especially the catholichs


Please pray for my son who is addicted to
chewing tobacco and Mountain Dew. He is only 23. It is destroying his health. He has tried to quit, but can't. I have prayed the rosary daily for five years and am asking Our Lady of Prompt Succor to please ask our heavenly Father for an answer to my prayer. Thank you.

Also, where can I get a medal, booklet on the history of Our Lady of Prompt Succor, and a statue?

Thank you.

Glayson Colaco

Pls pray for me that God shall teach me leadership to lead my Church choir.

Glayson Colaco

Pls pray for my youth Group, that they shall be truly diciples of Jesus and that they shall spread the light of Jesus to ALL.

Glayson Colaco

O God, Pls increase my Music skills only for your Glory.
Help me to lead your people to worship you.
Let my Music bring your people to you to worship you in spirit and truth.

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