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Sep 23, 2005



Thanks Stephen for this post on Padre Pio. Just a little comment, not a criticism, on the 3rd paragraph: don't you think that "obedience to the bishops stuff" which filled his life is the reason why Padre Pio's humanity is so attractive to you and many others? Great saints always have this "obedience stuff" in their soul so their humanity radiates. Before his conversion, St Ignatius of Loyola was little attractive, compared to Martin Luther, a pious monk and studious scholar. But when you take out of the obedience stuff from Luther, he fell even lower than St Ignatius used to be.
I agree though that sugar-coated piety is not very healthy to our spiritual growth and stability.



Oh, I definitely agree. I was being a little facetious, partly because the obedience is always so piously portrayed as if they just followed like sheep . . . but also because it is a virtue that is hard for me. I do like the rough edges of saints, however.

Was it St. Teresa of Avila who said that many have gone to hell imitating the imperfections of the saints?

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