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Oct 31, 2005




There are very good evangelical judges. One of the other names that was touted as a potential nominee, Michael McConnell, is an evangelical. I had the good fortune of having him as a professor during law school and having spent some time with him on a personal level at some law school Christian fellowship events. A brilliant man and very humble. I would have loved to have seen him nominated, but my guess is that he may have declined or the President went with Alito because he has spent so much more time on the federal bench.



Thanks. My question was mostly facetious . . . but there is something to it, as the day has gone on I've had the chance to be a part of some conversations in this regard. Certainly there are good evangelical judges, many mentioned McConnell and Janice Rodgers Brown as Christians who are from evangelical churches. I look forward to see what the gang over at Mirror of Justice will have to say about this over the next few days.


There is always something fascinating about a Catholic judge. Just look at St Thomas More.
I'm not articulate enough to describe the jurisprudential aspect of Catholicism but one thing is self-evident. No other Christian denomination has devoted so much thought on the law: Catholic Church alone has the code of Canon laws and Canon law lawyers.

And on a lighter note: how many of the five Catholic judges were trained by the Jesuits? ;-)


lol . . . the jesuitical influence on the Supremes, by my count: Scalia (Jesuit High School and Georgetown Univ), Clarence Thomas (College of the Holy Cross . . . Robert's attended high school at Lumiere Academy which was probably run by the Holy Cross Brothers at time, Kennedy was a product of public education . . . and I can't find anything on Alito's high school.

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