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Oct 10, 2005



Yes, *please* write more about this...


Okay, that last comment might read a bit sarcastic, but I was being sincere, because I've heard some funny stories about LifeTeen. FYI

Eddie Lee

I am personally not a fan of Lifeteen however I have never been to a Lifeteen mass, but only know what I have read abou them. I am a traditional Catholic, and sometimes attend the Latin Mass, where I see at least 20 youth there on average, maybe their parents make them come but it seems that they rather enjoy the Latin Mass and tradition. Instead of having rock masses bring back some orthodoxy and tradition, then the good Catholic yout h will glow!


Eddie, I think the thing that I find most impressive about LifeTeen is how the Eucharist is so central to their mission. I will post more on my experience here when I have some free time, but for now, I have to say that I've seen some great things.


I am a St. Timothy's parishioner. I have been on the Parish Advisory Council the last 2 years which is when Fr. Jack started at St. Timothy's. Life Teen's founding priest was Msgr. Dale Fushek who is now on adminstrative leave. Life Teen is different now at St. Tim's since we have changed pastors.
Also, with St. Tim's, either you like it there or you don't. It's different. Some of us Catholics that left and came back need the difference that St. Tim's makes in our lives. We are catholic, we are friendly, we talk to each other and anyone else that comes in.
I had someone recently, at one of our conferences, comment at the end of mass, "now, that's a mass!"
it's all about Jesus and the eucharist.
May the peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you always.

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